SESS v1.0
SESS is a web based standard e-summary system.
SESS is a powerful system which can extract summary information from test data files and populate summary data into database. With SESS data publish website, you could easily find your specific lot summary, easily indicate any lot could not meet yield / SBL criterias and get customized chart reports.
SESS can support multiple instances to run on your server at same time. With this features, you could extract and publish data seperated by different cutomers or platforms.
SESS will help you to combine first-pass, retest data automatically and generate a final summary for you when you setup combine (calculation) criteria properly.
We have a customized report features with SESS, we could help you to setup different chart report by different group factors. (Like daily output report , weekly yield trend by different product, monthly yield comparison report of specific products by different platform etc.)
You can check SESS online demo.If you have any enquery, please contact
Extract e-Summary data from STDF
Easy to search e-Summary by different factors
Customized yield limit/SBL criteria gating
Customized powerful report system
Customized retest summary combine engine
Support multiple instance running at same time
e-Summary data is stored in database
SESS is a web based system, easy to use
User could access SESS from any computer by IE
Physical summary - HBin, SBin, Test by site
Final summary - combined Hbin summary
Auto criteria check (yield limit, SBL)
Physical Qty update access by operator
User control by different groups and levels
Chart reports by different factors
Criteria (yield limit, SBL) setup