NEDA is a tool for engineer to do instant stdf (Standard Test Data Format) statistical analysis, it can easily extract data from stdf files and create statistical chart by a few clicks, merge stdf files and split stdf file freely.
NEDA is a windows application installed on your computer, you could use it to open STDF files and peroform statistical analysis.
  • Extract binary STDF data and display in tables.
  • Provide many statistical tools like Pareto, Histogram, Run Chart, Box Plot, Scatter plot, test capability etc.
  • Wafer test tools to generate different kind of maps and parametic map and also stacked map.
  • STDF edit tools help you to split, merge, repair STDF files and update MIR.
We provide 1 month trail license for both Desktop Edition & Webserver Edition, you can request at Contact Page and try it now!
SESS is a e-Summary solution for semiconductor testing hourse.
  • test data collection module
  • central database
  • e-summary publish website
  • report sub-system
With SESS, you can store all you test summary in database rather than print it out or store as file, you can easily track your product lot history.
SESS provide friendly user interface to search historical lot e-summary and create customized yield report and failure overview report. It is very helpful for testing hourse to track product yield trend and failure mode, and this systematic e-summary management system helps you a lot to pass audit.