NEDA v12.85 (Dessat Desktop Edition)
NEDA is an intelligent & light semiconductor stdf engineering statistical analysis tool. NEDA is a perfect solution for semiconduct test data engineering analysis, and provide immediate access to stdf files statistical analysis.
NEDA provides you pretty statistical charts such as pareto and histogram, you also can export statistical capability report and raw data report from stdf for further analysis with NEDA.
NEDA uses optimised algorithm to provide you very fast extracting speed (about 20MB/s on normal PC),
NEDA Eidton is a Win32 application, which will provide faster extracting speed and interactive stdf edit features and beautiful statistical chart report.
Download user manual for more details.
Fast extracting speed
Pretty chart building
Easy for engineer to use
More interactive user interface
Flexible customised report/chart setting
Very easy to save/export data and chart
Very easy to copy data to Excel
Customized text summary exportation
Customized HBin/SBin report exportation
Smart Stdf repair function
Summary - HBin, SBIn, Test by site
Hardware Bin Pareto
Software Bin Pareto
Test Pareto (major test failure)
Test Histogram (statistical analysis)
Run Chart (trend chart)
Scatter plot (XY chart)
Probability chart (Cumulative Frequeny)
Wafer Map (HTMl,Excel and TXT format)
Powerful Stdf split and merge engine