Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is NEDA Desktop Edition?
A: NEDA Desktop Edition is a instant STDF analysis tool which could extract STDF files directly and complete many statistical analysis and report generation.
2. How to get NEDA Desktop Edition trial license?
A: We provide every new use 30 days trial license helps you to learn features about NEDA. Below 3 ways to get trial license.
     1. If you have internet access, just open NEDA Desktop Edition, go to menu Help->License->Activate online, fill in forms and then NEDA will auto activated with 30 days trial license if everything is correct.
     2. Leave a message on our support page
     3. Send email to with your machine code after you installed NEDA Desktop Edition on your computer.
3. What can affect extracting speed?
A: 1. Your server hardware speed, better server will get higher extracting speed.
     2. Online user quantity, it will become slower if you get more users online at the same time.
     3. Network speed between your server and STDF filer, network speed to your STDF filer is limitation of extracting speed.
4. What kind of license that NEDA Desktop Edition supports?
A: NEDA Desktop Edition supports 2 types of license.
     Standalone: grant single computer to use NEDA Desktop Edition STDF analysis tool. This is suggested for personal users.
     Floating: grant all users in one orgnization/company to use NEDA Desktop Edition, but the online user quantity depends on floating license quantity that you purchased [you may need VPN to support your users out of company network domain].
     Both standalone and floating license support annual payment and one-time payment.
5. Could we continue to update latest version of NEDA for one-time pay license [permanent license]?
A: Yes, everyone could keep updating new version of NEDA as long as your license is valid.
6. Can NEDA Desktop Edition edit STDF files?
A: Yes, NEDA STDF tool could modify content of STDF files, but only support MIR information modification, there is no meaning to edit parametric reading.